How to make your kitchen family friendly

How to make your kitchen family friendly

Getting kids interested in helping in the kitchen has many benefits.

  • It can keep their hands and minds busy. Solves the ‘I’m bored’ problem
  • It can help them learn new skills (great life skills)
  • It can teach them patience and co-operation
  • It can get them interested in what they eat, and they even may enjoy helping you planning a menu (your chance to implement healthy cooking!)

Your child’s age and ability will play a big part in how involved they are when it comes to helping in the kitchen. Most kids love to roll, stir, beat, spread, stuff, and pour, so make the most of their enthusiasm.

With all the benefits a kitchen can be a dangerous place, think sharp and hot objects. So, here’s some tips to help you make your existing kitchen more family friendly or for things to consider for a kitchen renovation.

  • Place simple child-proof locks on knife drawers and/or keep heavy pots out of reach of young children.
  • For younger children, fill a drawer or plastic bin/container with some child friendly kitchen tools.
  • Keep a small sturdy step handy for small children to stand on to reach a bench or cook top.
  • Keep some appliances, such as a microwave, at a height where children can reach easily. 

Does your home need a family friendly kitchen renovation?

Whatever your lifestyle, we can help you design a kitchen renovation to fit all members of your household. Practical and functional can be aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, we have many years’ experience in the ‘kitchen renovation’ industry, including doing kitchen renovations inspired by the television series ‘The Block’. Unlike a lot of kitchen companies, we ‘listen’ to what you want. We can also tell you the best compromises to make (if necessary) to stay within budget. Every kitchen renovation we do is customised to your unique design, built to fit perfectly and made to last.

Visit our Gold Coast showroom to see samples of materials and fixtures. When we quote for a kitchen renovation, there’s no hidden extras, making it convenient if you’re going to a bank for finance.

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