Kitchen design myths

Kitchen design myths

Getting a kitchen renovation can be exciting but it also raises questions about colour, style, materials, as well as function. Questions such as should you mix materials? Do you need a professional kitchen designer? Is bigger better?

With so much conflicting advice around, here’s some tips to help with some of the kitchen myths from professional Gold Coast kitchen renovation experts Phoenix Kitchens.

The first thing to consider when designing a kitchen renovation is why you’re doing it and what you want to get from it. Is it to add value to your home, update or change the style of your kitchen, or is it to improve functionality? Sometimes it can be a combination of reasons. Knowing your reasons before you start will help determine your budget and design. How you use the kitchen and how often you use your kitchen are both important considerations in designing your kitchen to fit your lifestyle, taste, and budget.

Rustic, modern, traditional, contemporary, beach, hamptons, and industrial, are all styles of kitchens. The good news is that you can mix styles, and often with stunning effect, so feel free to combine two or more of your favourite styles to create your own unique look. We went for a ‘City Beach’ theme and love it.

Many people are limited with space when it comes to the kitchen. This is good news because bigger does not always equal better. If you have a smaller kitchen, you’re more likely to invest in only the useful appliances you use regularly. Layout is important to keep workflow efficient and safe.

Neutral colours can be tempting because they feel timeless and safe but if you want to use bold colours and not sure if it will work, we have some great tips on how to achieve this.

Cooking in a kitchen you love will give you a better and happier experience than being in a kitchen you find boring or uninspiring. Learn more about Design and Colour or visit our Showroom.

Want some expert advice on designing a kitchen renovation?

When you work with Phoenix Kitchens, you’ll be working with an experienced kitchen designer and professional cabinet maker. We’ll help you get a kitchen you’ll love for a price that fits your budget, no matter what size or style it is. Call us or drop by for a no obligation chat. If you decide to get a kitchen renovation with us, we take care of your project as if it were in our own home.  

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