Laundry cabinets to fit your home and budget

A laundry might not be considered a favourite room in your home, but the role it plays is essential in keeping a household running smoothly. Unless you love visiting a laundromat to do your washing, you’ll need to have your own facilities to do your laundry!
A laundry is a working room, so it must be functional. Functionality along with a good design can make the best of the chore of doing the laundry, even if you don’t enjoy it. Accessories such as a folding station, shelves, and overhead storage are all something we can build to your specifications.
The advantage of working with a custom builder such as Phoenix Kitchens is the personal attention we can offer along with expertise. We won’t ‘sell’ you laundry cabinets, we design it as if it were our laundry cabinets. We listen and advise according to your budget. We can style your laundry to match your kitchen if you want to continue a particular theme throughout your home and we can make helpful suggestions that may save you space and/or money.

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Ever wanted a butler’s pantry? A laundry conversion can be a perfect solution to extend your kitchen and pantry area.

, Laundry, Phoenix Kitchens

, Laundry, Phoenix Kitchens

Talk to the people who care about your laundry cabinets as much as you do

We answer our most commonly asked questions about laundry renovations on our FAQ page.

We’ve built plenty of laundry cabinets, so one thing we know is, what works best for which situations. We’re also expert at getting the most out of small spaces!

Whatever your budget is, we can come up with a workable solution for you. As with anything in life, the more money you have available to spend, the more options you have. That means that if you have the budget, we can design and build as many laundry cabinets in any size or configuration as you need with any finish you like.

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