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See and touch product samples at our sample room before your kitchen renovation

What’s on your kitchen wish list? Depending on your budget and ‘must-have’ requirements, we can help you design a kitchen you’ll love and most importantly one that you’ll still love in years to come. We’ve even designed, and built kitchens inspired by the television show ‘The Block’. Our Gold Coast sample room is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and on weekends by appointment.

, Showroom, Phoenix Kitchens

, Showroom, Phoenix Kitchens

TheColour System

Our Sample room has a unique colour coded system in place making it easy for our Customers to see at a glance which products to consider if your budget is tight all the way to the top of the line products.

Standard Range is limited in colours and styles and often used as a builders range, in investment properties or any application where Budget is a must.

Deluxe Range is commonly used in residential homes where budget is still a priority but when customers are looking for a broader range of colours and styles.

Super Range begins to introduce a much larger range of products and is often where you’ll find colours and styles that are trending. While this range is more expensive than the Standard and Deluxe Ranges, there are ways to mix and match all 3 ranges to create a look and feel of a more expensive product but saving in certain areas

Ultra Range is definitely a range to consider if design and style are more important than budget. This is where you’ll find the majority of high-end colours and designs

Mega Range is where you’ll find a few key products or specialised items to highlight your design where money is no object

The Sample Room